KK’s Bar and Balti Restaurant and Sports bar

KK’s Bar and Balti in San Juan de Capistrano

If you are staying in San Juan de Capistrano and you’d like to eat locally, there are a few bars and restaurants to choose from. One of the favourites with the locals is KK’s Bar and Balti restaurant. Accordingly named after the owners, Kim and Karen, who moved here from Birmingham years ago to open their own restaurant, that they now refer to as ‘their little corner of the sun’

Kids pool san juan
Kid’s Pool in San Juan de Capistrano

KK’s Bar and Balti is tucked away behind the kid’s pool in San Juan de Capistrano, which is near the Communual pool on Calle Las Palmeras. You can enter either from the main gate near the entrance to the pool, or from the street below on Urbanization Aguacates (if you don’t mind taking the steps up). There is plenty of parking at either entrance.

From the bar you have wonderful views over Capistrano and the rest of Nerja, and with the stunning blue sky and sea in the background it is really a fabulous spot.

kks restauurant nerja

Being in the middle of San Juan de Capistrano gives KK’s Bar and Balti that advantage of convenience, very handy if you don’t always want to go all the way down to the centre of Nerja for a meal out.

Sports Bar

Sports fans will be especially pleased to know that KK’s Bar and Balti doubles up as a sports bar. They boast ‘4 flat-screens showing live football and other sports’ On big racing days you can expect to see groups of locals gathered round, cheering on their horses. Likewise, football fans will head to KK’s on match days to enjoy a friendly pint, while they cheer on their team.


KK’s Bar and Balti serve Full English breakfasts and vegetarian breakfasts in the mornings and they have a Snack-bar style lunch menu. There are daily specials such as fish and chips, but during the daytime you can only really expect basics, such as (delicious, hand-cut) Chips, Salads, Jacket Potatoes and Sandwiches. There are some familiar (perhaps not gourmet, but popular nonetheless) British specials, such as Fish-finger Sandwiches, and even Chips with (a very good) Curry sauce!

It is in the evenings that the real cuisine starts. This is where they put the ‘Balti’ in ‘Bar and Balti’. Of the two Ks, it is Kim that holds claim to having been trained by one of the best chefs from the ‘Birmingham Balti Belt’. KK’s evening Menu offers a good range of well-known curries, such as Korma, Tikka Masala and Balti. They also have a few Asian Stir-fry dishes too. Curry is probably what KK’s do best; however, if you’re not a fan of Curry, there are plenty of other British and Spanish, meat, fish and Vegetarian plates to choose from.

Most ofKKs bar and balti nerja their seating is outside, which is great for sunny days, but if in the winter evenings you want to secure a table inside, KK’s Bar and Balti recommend booking a table.

So really to sum up, KK’s may not be the spot for your romantic honeymoon dinner, and there is nothing formal about this place.  But if you want a poolside snack bar or a friendly sports bar, or if you fancy a decent evening curry in a relaxed setting, then it is definitely worth a visit!

KK’s Bar and Balti opening times: Every day from 13.00-00.00, except Thursday: Closed, and Saturdays: Only 13.00-19.00

For more information or to book a table, you can call: (0034) 625 817 948 or (0034) 651 409 498

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