Goa Town – A Good Indian Restaurant in Nerja

Good Indian Restaurant in Nerja

Goa Town has been recommended to me by various people locally, both resident and visiting so my expectations were unusually high for an Indian restaurant in Nerja. The town’s selection of curry houses is notoriously bad so the prospect of enjoying aromatic Indian food in Nerja was somewhat exciting. To enable myself to sample a number of dishes on my first visit, I entered the building as part of a party of 4. We were instantly shown to a vacant table, despite the restaurant being almost full. The waiter who served our table introduced himself and politely took our drinks order before handing us all a menu. The way the dishes are described on the menu got my mouth watering very quickly, which is something I often think is missing over here on the Costa del Sol. It’s not that the food is any better for having a description this detailed, it just gives you a very good idea of what to expect from each dish.

Goa Town Nerja MenuAfter some careful decision making, we ordered a chicken tikka massala, a chicken dopiazza, a chicken kadhai and a chicken korma along with a couple of portions of pilau rice, a garlic naan and a keema naan as sides. I thought our choice of food would give me a good enough all-round idea of the quality of the food at Goa Town to write this review, as there is something there for everyone. While we waited for our food to be served, we were given a portion of poppadoms along with a pickle tray which the waiter explained was complimentary. The poppadoms were as expected, nice and crispy and not at all oily (as they sometimes can be) and the selection of mango chutney, yoghurt and mint sauce and onions and cucumber were a great compliment. I would, however, have liked to have seen a spicy lime pickle added to make it the perfect tray.

Best Indian Restaurant in NerjaOnce we had finished the poppadom appetiser, we waited maybe 20 to 25 minutes for our main courses to arrive. I found that nothing was rushed and that all the meals were cooked fresh, hence having to wait a little longer. When the curries arrived, it became apparent that my assumption was correct. The flavours of each of the dishes were completely different, something which many of the curry houses in Nerja through the years seem to have lacked the skills for. The tikka massala was slightly sweet without having that sickly effect to it, the dopiazza was mild but fragrant with a definite hit from the onions, the chicken kadhai was the spiciest of the dishes we ordered with an amazing aroma, topped with a good handful of fresh corriander and finally, the korma was mild with a definite coconut and almond flavour, just as it should be.

Indian in NerjaI have to admit, I have struggled to find a decent Indian restaurant or takeaway in Nerja for over 10 years. There are one or two which I have frequently called upon which are ok, but I have never found one which has really impressed me. I just hope that Goa Town retains the high quality which I experienced on my first visit. My overall rating for Goa Town has to be an easy 5 out of 5 stars. Truly outstanding!

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