Capistrano Village Swimming Pool

The Capistrano Village Community Pool area is set in the middle of this rustic style village, surrounded by beautiful white houses, cobble lanes and picturesque gardens. The pools are well maintained, clean and spacious, with a lovely bridge and tropical palm trees dividing the different areas. You also can’t miss the spectacular views from the pool, capturing the whole of Nerja and, of course, the sea in the background.

The area is made up of three swimming pools;

  • The smaller, shallow children’s pool that is gated and has shaded areas.Capistrano village pool area
  • There is a deep, longer pool; great for swimming lengths or for a calmer swim.
  • And of course the main big pool which s suitable for all, with a shallow and deep end of  up to 3 metres.

Capistrano Village pool

The Capistrano Village Swimming Pool Opening times:

Children’s Pool: 08:00-19:00

Long Pool: 08:00-19:00

Main Pool:11:00-18:00

What makes the Capistrano Village pool area great is that there is something for everyone; The toddlers can be kept safe in the gated area around the shallow infant pool, the older children can splash about with the adults in the big, main pool, whilst others can still find space to have a peaceful swim in the Long pool.

There is a large restaurant in the pool area, aptly named ‘El Capistrano’,  which has a large menu great for a quick snack or refreshment or even a three-course meal. The restaurant mainly caters for the English and German tourists, but they also have many traditional Spanish dishes available and the food is of good quality.

Near the pool area is also where you will find the ‘Union Social De Propietarios’: The Owner’s Social Club of Capistrano Village. They hold many different social events here, to which both property owners and holiday guests are welcome to join, such as the ‘Costa Camera Club’ and the ‘Bridge Club’. Please Click here for more information on the ‘Union Social De Propietarios’ of Capistrano Village.


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