Restaurante Playa y Sol

If you find yourself hungry on Burriana beach then you have many great Spanish seaside restaurants to choose from. These are perfect if you are looking for traditional seafood and barbecue dishes. However for something different and a perhaps a little more refined keep an eye out for Restaurante Playa y burriana

Instead of the usual sand floors in the other Burriana beach restaurants Playa y Sol have a large wooden decked floor giving it a cleaner, more sophisticated feel. They also have particularly comfortable seating, tempting you to stick around a while longer. You can choose to sit at their normal tables, on their more cosy sofas and armchairs or, for an even more chilled experience, you can enjoy a drink on one of their four poster sunbeds on the beach!

You should find the menu at Playa y Sol refreshingly different from others as well.  Their ‘Snack-Bar’ Menu offers lots of delicious Light Wraps, Tropical and Oriental Salads, Sandwiches and Pizzas, all made with fresh ingredients and a lovely change if you find yourself with that ‘I don’t care how good it is, I can’t handle one more portion of’ Calamari’ feeling that is common here.

Their Dinner Menu has an extensive and exciting array of Starters, Meat and Fish as well; to name a few they do a lovely ‘Breton Sole’, Langoustines cooked in whiskey, and Sole Meunière. Of course we cannot forget the Chef’s recommended dishes: a delicious ‘Tournedo’ and the very typical Andalusian ‘Cochinillo’: suckling pig. For Vegetarians there are some amazing savoury Crepes to choose from; and there is a good range of combinations of Crepes and Ice-Creams amongst their desserts.

Some Specialty Dishes are better ordered in advance, particularly the Paella. However if you are willing to wait a little longer they may sometimes be able to prepare it immediately for you.

Cocktails on burriana beachAfter a good meal, or perhaps you prefer to just skip the meal completely, it is worth having a look at their cocktail list. The prices range from between 6.50-7.50 which is a slightly higher than average price for this area, but you pay for what you get and they really are quality cocktails, and as a bonus you have such a lovely setting in which to enjoy them!

Restaurante Playa y Sol can be found on Burriana beach along the promenade.

They are open every day from 10.00am-22.00 and even later in the summer and for drinks.

They open every all year round, except for November when they take a one month holiday.



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