• Oasis De Capistrano
  • The Oasis Experience

    The community of Oasis De Capistrano is made up of 15 acres of rich green grass, beautiful tropical gardens, winding pathways, meandering streams; and has three spotless swimming pools.  All of this can be enjoyed by residents and their guests. The delightful gardens in Oasis De Capistrano are filled with towering palm trees, colourful flowers, […]

  • San Juan de Capistrano
  • Oh My Goat!

    Goats in San Juan De Capistrano There are many benefits to having the Natural Park at your doorstep be it the clean and fresh air, beautiful wild flowers or fantastic views or great walking trails, but my personal favourite, is the regular passing of the goats! The sight of the old-fashioned goat herder is not […]

  • El Capistrano Village
  • Capistrano Village Swimming Pool

    The Capistrano Village Community Pool area is set in the middle of this rustic style village, surrounded by beautiful white houses, cobble lanes and picturesque gardens. The pools are well maintained, clean and spacious, with a lovely bridge and tropical palm trees dividing the different areas. You also can’t miss the spectacular views from the […]